Nathan Petty

Project Manager | Senior Project Architect

With over two decades of experience under his belt, Nathan Petty is an accomplished and fluent architect with an eye for precision. Nathan graduated from the University of Virginia for his Bachelor in Architecture and from Princeton University for his Master of Architecture, both with high honors. Throughout his professional career, Nathan has made and led major design contributions to distinguished architecture firms all over the country with his expertise in institutional and higher-education project types. He has taught studios and seminars at both of his alma maters as well as Tulane University, Kansas State University, The New School Parsons and the City University of New York.

In his designs, Nathan strives to manage the balance of theoretical and practical issues, taking care to streamline modes of information management and decision-making processes, all the while upholding one of the most important aspects of architectural design – the intersection of geometry and the craft of building.

Outside of the office, Nathan enjoys visiting beaches on the Gulf coastline, playing guitar and bass, and exploring craft food culture with his family.

Madison, VA
Princeton University
University of Virginia