Rhiannon Hare

Graphic Designer

Rhiannon Hare is a versatile creative originally hailing from the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania. She earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Communications at the University of Delaware with a focus in branding, illustration and advertising, and began her visual design career at Mutt Industries, a small advertising agency in Portland, Oregon where she worked as a junior designer and art director for clients ranging from food & beverage to sports video games to local business.

Over the next five years, while moving to Washington, D.C., Providence, Rhode Island and Princeton, New Jersey, Rhiannon held a role at The Nature Conservancy, working on an in-house global communications team focusing on content design and digital communications for policy, finance, government and science-focused audiences.

After working on projects that have touched down all over the world and moving from city to city, Rhiannon was drawn to EDR's thoughtful approach to design, sustainability, and community and is excited to become more embedded in the local New Orleans community. Outside the studio, Rhiannon enjoys a range of creative hobbies from quilting and sewing to painting and stationery design, spending time outside, and enjoying all of the amazing music and food New Orleans has to offer.


Stroudsburg, PA
University of Delaware