Hussein Alayyan

Senior Associate | Architect

A native of Lubbock, TX, Hussein Alayyan, has been an architectural designer since graduating from the University of Texas, Austin with a Bachelors of Architecture degree in 2005. While there, he secured an internship with CDC ABDELHALIM, a Cairo-based architecture firm, and spent most of 2004 working in Egypt.

After graduating, Hussein moved to New York and practiced with a number of architecture firms before relocating to New Orleans in 2012. During that time he acquired a significant portfolio of domestic and international work that reflects his interests in many building typologies including residential, civic, interiors and urban design.

Outside of the office, Hussein feeds his creative drive building furniture and cooking. While no stranger to relaxing in the sun, he enjoys playing tennis, boxing and is in constant search of a new shoreline to surf.

Lubbock, Texas
University of Texas at Austin
The Beacon at South Market
The Shop at the CAC