Dene Carroll

Studio Administrator

A Lafayette, LA native Dene joins EDR following stints at the Historic Preservation Commission in Lafayette and as an Operations Manager/Event Coordinator for the New Orleans Jazz Orchestra.

Coming from a family of jewelers (with a focus on fine jewelry and custom design) and with a background in education (she holds a Master of Arts in American and Public History), Dene is a firm believer that our past is always a part of who we are as individuals and as a culture, in our shared spaces and how we live within communities. Many of her vacations taken in life have revolved around visiting buildings and homes of architectural and historical value.

Outside of the office, she can be found camping, fishing (anything to be around water), putting together puzzles, playing games (bouree and dominos), making community meals with friends, obsessing over her new quarantine dog Edgar, and of course, driving around and looking at old buildings.

Lafayette, LA
University of Louisiana at Lafayette