Brock Piglia

Director of Marketing and Business Development

Brock returns home to New Orleans, joining the firm as our Director of Marketing and Business Development. He brings a unique blend of both technical design expertise (starting his career as a landscape architect) and business acumen (later obtaining his MBA from University of Missouri).

After graduating from LSU, he began his career as a planner with HOK, with the majority of his time spent working on the Lavasa Hill Station Master Plan. His time with HOK gave him tremendous perspective on the business of architecture and design and instilled a desire to broaden his expertise—not just as a designer, but as someone driven to understand and impact strategic decision-making.

Prior to joining EskewDumezRipple, he spent the last seven years at SWT Design, where he led all marketing and business development efforts. In that time, he had a hand in several key projects, and played an instrumental role in helping the firm open its first new studio in Kansas City in 2016.

He is a firm advocate of the ability of design to transcend, with the power to shape policy, advocate for social justice, and address environmental challenges at all scales.

Outside of the office, he is fond of traveling (especially if it involves somewhere new and getting lost in an unfamiliar culture), and an avid cyclist and hiker.

New Orleans, LA
Louisiana State University
University of Missouri