Aseem Deshpande

Senior Associate | Director of Technology

Aseem Deshpande has pursued a focus in digital design since embarking on his architectural career more than a dozen years ago. After moving to the United States to pursue his Master’s in Architecture from Texas A&M University, Aseem worked on several complex project types – including a particular focus in the healthcare sector.

Through his designing high-tech medical facilities, Aseem began pursuing 3D modeling tools to help reduce technical design conflicts and to help visualize highly complex spaces. Since this time, Aseem has become an expert in the Building Information Modeling platform, Revit. Hired in 2009 as our studio’s BIM Manager, Aseem is responsible for training our design team in the capabilities of this program, as well as creating the long-term infrastructure for our studio’s complete migration to this three dimensional design platform. His talent in this platform has become well-known across the community and he also now serves as a leader in helping other practices continue to advance their capabilities as we seek to lead the way toward better quality buildings in the southeast region. His tremendous value to the firm has expanded into a wider range of technologies, including the emerging field of virtual reality

Nashik, India
Texas A&M University; University of Punev
New Orleans East Hospital Renovation
Convention Center Linear Park
Bruce Museum of Arts and Science