Amrita Khosla


Amrita is an experienced designer who joined the DC office after receiving her Master of Architecture degree with a certificate in urban design from the University of Virginia and her Bachelor of Architecture degree from Sushant School of Art and architecture in India. While attending the University of Virginia, Amrita was awarded the AIA Henry Adams Medal and also received the Urban Design Award, Architecture Award for Excellence and the Bevin and Vito Cetta Scholarship. Prior to working at EskewDumezRipple, Amrita practiced in some of India’s leading firms and designed independently on various commissioned projects. Additionally, Amrita interned for EDR, drawing inspiration from the team’s approach to designing responsive environments through both sustainable and holistic lenses.

Her career has encompassed a diverse range of endeavors, crafting intricate designs for museums, homes, and educational institutions. Amrita has collaborated with urban planners and landscape architects on riverfront development ventures and conducted interviews with leading industry professionals about issues related to slum development, championing the perspectives of those who are living there through design and publications. Throughout her work, she remains passionate about socio-cultural equity, climate change, and processes of participatory planning, resulting in published research articles on topics like “Rethinking City Design for Women,” among others.

In her free time, Amrita enjoys playing and watching tennis, yoga, watercolor painting and exploring art museums.

New Delhi, India
University of Virginia
Sushant School of Art and Architecture