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Now Accepting Application for the 2014/15 Fellowship Program

Now Accepting Application for the 2014/15 Fellowship Program

Eskew+Dumez+Ripple is pleased to announce its third annual Research Fellowship. The focus of this year’s Fellowship is to conduct applied research in the field of community engagement. This year’s fellowship will explore the breadth of tools and formats that are available to designers to conduct meaningful public outreach around architectural, planning and urban placemaking projects.

Fellows work under the guidance of the studio’s leaders to produce work and to document and present the results at the end of the Fellowship tenure. The 2014/2015 Fellowship will support two individuals, one for 12 months, and one for 3 months. The Fellows will collaborate for the first 3 months, generating testable questions, benchmarks and tangible tools that the 12-month Fellow will develop for the remainder of the fellowship term.  

Visit the Fellowship page for details.