Transfiguration of the Lord Gymnasium

Designed to be the third and final building on the Transfiguration of the Lord Campus in New Orleans, the new gymnasium is a FEMA funded replacement project for flood damaged gymnasium building that was on the site before it. Working closely with FEMA and the Archdiocese of New Orleans to evaluate the condition of the existing building, it was determined the existing gym building was not salvageable and a new building of the same program and size would be constructed in its place. 

The new gymnasium building of 22,000 square feet consists of a gym volume, meeting spaces, and classrooms along with support program. The building was situated to create a strong physical connection to the rest of the campus and the street. The office and classroom areas are positioned to give visual connection to the grass play field to the north and the circulation is organized around the gym — engaging the occupants of the building with the activity happening inside. 

Location: New Orleans, LA Map This Location
Size: 22,000 square feet
Year of Completion: 2017
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