The Park at South Market District

The Park at South Market District is a 6-story, 441-space parking garage that features ground floor retail and diverse amenities. At 205,000 SF, this non-traditional parking structure, located in the Warehouse District, features contemporary architecture that complements its historic surroundings while maximizing sustainability. A notable addition to an already thriving district, this space expertly blends in and adapts to an evolving hub of urban activity, while tastefully preserving the style of the surrounding area.

Whereas traditional parking garages take a stacked approach to pre-cast concrete, the structure of the building integrates larger pre-manufactured modules to generate a light skin for the building’s facade. In addition to its eye-catching style, the project is responsive to building code requirements, including the 50% open-air ventilation for parking garages.

At the main entrance, visitors experience a material change from the industrial pre-cast concrete of the arcade and marquee to a softer, more natural hardwood screen. This marks an important shift from the “vehicular” to the “pedestrian” as patrons transition from the street to the various ground-level retail spaces.

Location: New Orleans, LA Map This Location
Size: 205,000 square feet
Year of Completion: 2014
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