St. Martha Catholic Church

​This 12,000 square foot church for St. Martha’s Parish in Harvey, Louisiana was designed in 1999 through a series of interactive, hands-on workshops with church leaders, building committee members, a Liturgical Consultant and the entire St. Martha congregation. The new building, located at the center of the church property adjacent to a large grove of trees, engages the existing landscape to connect the church to nature. Future plans envision this grove as an expanded worship space with a meditation walk containing an outdoor “stations of the cross” experience. Celebrating both the Church entry and its day chapel, a tower element anchors the project and acts as a campanile. Complementing this vertical element, the main worship space is more intimately scaled in keeping with the congregation’s desire to connect the new worship space with specific qualities of the old church. Liturgical elements are carefully arranged to provide a close relationship with the Priest, the congregation and the liturgy.

Location: Harvey, LA Map This Location
Size: 12,000 square feet
Year of Completion: 2003
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