Residential Loft Renovation

​Located in the Lower Garden District of New Orleans, this renovation of a c.1900 warehouse into a 4,000 square foot mixed-use residential/commercial property entailed the complete gutting and rebuilding of most of the original building. Due to deterioration and neglect over time, all structural framing, mechanical/electrical systems, exterior doors and windows, and interior construction was removed — retaining only the original load bearing masonry walls. Located at the intersection of Magazine and Felicity streets, the geometry of the property — essentially a 30/60/90 triangle — is a result of the historic street pattern of the city developing within pie-shaped faubourgs (originally plantations) that over time expanded to create “flatiron” conditions. A six-foot wide stair parallels the long leg of the triangle, extending upward to a sky-lit penthouse where it reveals itself on the exterior as a zinc-clad addition to the original structure. This penthouse addition provides access to an outdoor roof deck.

Location: New Orleans, LA
Size: 4,000 square feet
Year of Completion: 2004
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