Newsweek “Future of Work”

​New Orleans has a unique relationship to water—lake, canals, wetlands, and river all exist within its borders. Per the request of Newsweek Magazine, we looked toward the year 2030 and determined that it will be a time to repurpose out-dated infrastructure, consolidate resources, and reconnect with water.

Organized around the four functions of “home,” “work,” “commute,” and recreation,” our proposal evaluated the Canal as a place for housing. We saw this as one of many places where multiple needs could be met by a single design solution – in this case a modular housing model transported to the site via the canal itself. Near this location, we embraced the potential offered by a reclaimed wetland environment that might create a new kind of physical recreation venue. For commuting, we reverted back to the City’s historical methods which too were centered around access to water – most notably Bayou St. John. Here we saw a chance to integrate infrastructure, and allow for commuting by land and water. Finally, when analyzing the work environment, we envisioned that work in the city might tie into a notion of verticality and horizontally, where live, work and play commingle.  

Location: New Orleans, LA
Size: Large Scale Plan
Year of Completion: 2010
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