JewelBox at Orbion

This design proposal reimagines the quintessential black box theatre experience—transforming it on itself with engaging permutations of flexibility and adaptation interconnected and woven together via unique entryways and place making that promote the activity within and engage the audience and attendees in new and exciting ways.

The black box is the centering device, the object within and around which performance occurs in an ever-shifting balance of bodies and energies suspended in space. The site provides balance through direct engagement with the performance and artistry in the center. This proposal seeks to reinforce this connection of interior performance and exterior site by stretching elements of the program into the landscape. 

Comprising a mixed-use program, the performance venue itself is sited on roughly 19,000 square meters. Conceived as a unique yet highly flexible space, the design is an iconic venue capable of holding up to 4,500 people, yet of a size and scale that would not erode the intimacy of a smaller audience of 800. The venue can host live shows, concerts, festivals and other entertainment events.

Location: Moscow, Russia
Size: 205,000 sf
Year of Completion: 2014
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