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The Urban Strategies studio provides visioning, programming, facilitation, pre-design, master planning and urban design services to civic, institutional, cultural and corporate clients. Our ongoing relationships with these clients serve as testament to our success in assisting them in developing intelligent strategies, robust vision and resilient urban and campus responses. We, as a research-driven practice, aim at expanding design and planning production towards broader issues around culture, identity and organization.

Legacy & Trajectory

The Urban Strategies studio has an embedded narrative, dating back to the firm’s inception in 1986. The current configuration of Urban Strategies derives from our demonstrated history in cultural, environmental education and stewardship projects – projects dating back to Allen Eskew’s leadership on the 1984 Louisiana World Exposition, the Aquarium of the Americas, and, recently, Reinventing the Crescent, the 6-mile redevelopment vision for New Orleans’ Mississippi riverfront. Urban Strategies also has roots in our firm’s engagement post-Katrina, from our work on the Unified New Orleans Plan to its broader neighborhood and stakeholder facilitation activities during recovery and renewal. Today, the Urban Strategies studio expands its portfolio to include The Louisiana State University Comprehensive Master Plan, an Institutional Master Plan for Children’s Hospital in New Orleans, a Gateway Overlay Plan for St Tammany Parish, the MCCNO New District Development, the MCCNO Linear Park Plan, and other strategic planning efforts that engage diverse teams at a wide range of scales. 

Click here to download our most recent publication: A Framework for Resilient Design.

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