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Each project, regardless of scale, represents an opportunity to engage the public in a dialogue. To both shape and be shaped by the community. Through this public discourse, we aim to create projects of lasting social and cultural value.  

As architects, we have a responsibility to our client and the public at large, but also the reality of a place and its context. The firm recognizes that our buildings are not designed objects in a field, but part of a community fabric. Life between buildings is a crucial dimension of our practice. We approach projects through the lens of inclusion—design as a community for the community. 

Legacy and Trajectory

The Urban Strategies focus in the studio has an embedded narrative, one stemming from the firm’s inception in 1986 and our demonstrated history in cultural, environmental and civic-minded projects—projects dating back to Allen Eskew’s leadership on the 1984 Louisiana World Exposition and the Aquarium of the Americas.

This focus has continued throughout the firm’s trajectory. In the Post-Katrina landscape, the practice dedicated itself to rebuilding New Orleans and projects focused on recovery, resilience, and building community. 

  • Crescent Park, and the greater Reinventing the Crescent masterplan of which it is a part, shines as an archetype of urban placemaking and adaptive reuse. 
  • Linear Park, a one-mile landscaped greenway for walking, biking and gathering envisions a place where both locals and convention visitors alike might mingle—activating the length of the Convention Center and providing opportunities for public art and local business.
  • The city of Vicksburg, inspired by our work for Crescent Park and its larger masterplan, looks to now make a similar reinvention of their riverfront as a vibrant area for community engagement.
  • The Rosa F. Keller Library and Community Center (a project accomplished in collaboration with Mayor Latoya Cantrell—then City Councilmember) serves as a testament to community resolve and the role architecture and design can play in urban revitalization.

Our vision is one that celebrates the beauty of a place, while actively reinventing the notion of what a city can be. 

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