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The simplest definition of architecture calls it ‘the design of buildings and spaces’. Eskew+Dumez+Ripple practices an architecture that extends well beyond that definition to something much more complex, with a deeper and more profound meaning for individuals and communities. Our practice reflects our belief that architecture can have a transformative influence on individuals by providing a compelling environment that engenders creativity and curiosity and, as such, becomes a real instrument of change.  We are interested in the fit between buildings and society, as well as buildings and individuals.

We offer clients a full range of architectural design services, from concept through construction and even post-occupancy monitoring and evaluation. Our studio includes experts in sustainable design, code compliance, quality assurance, contract administration, building information modeling, and many other arenas, who contribute to our projects to elevate the caliber of each one before it goes into construction.

In addition to complete design-service packages, we often work with developers during the feasibility phases of a project; with real estate buyers for due-diligence studies; and with varied institutions to create facility master plans and conceptualize project solutions.

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